Professional Pet Grooming in Cherokee Village and Mammoth Spring, AR

Pets are some of the most beautiful and entertaining parts of our lives. They cheer us up, keep us active, and give us companionship. However, they often become smelly, shaggy, and dirty whenever we look away. Bring your beloved pet to Heavenly Paws Grooming for high-quality pet grooming and more. 

Pet Haircuts & Grooming

There are many benefits of professional pet grooming for both you and your pet. Heavenly Paws Grooming’s services will help improve the hygiene of your pet and help them smell better! We will also help find skin problems or rashes and provide thorough ear cleaning and nail trimming to prevent more serious problems like ear infections and bad posture. Through brushing and washing, we can check and treat for fleas while also encouraging a healthy, shiny, and matt-free coat that will shed much less. Our dog bathing and grooming services can’t be beaten! 

Friendly & Caring Service

When your pets are with Heavenly Paws Grooming, they’ll be cared for like angels. We always treat your furry friends with the utmost care, ensuring that they are happy and healthy. Our pets are important to us too, and we give your pets the same love and affection that we give our own. You won’t have to worry when your pets are in our care, but you are welcome to stay and watch as well! We’ll always treat both you and your pets with respect, whether we’re doing a full-scale pet grooming service or just a simple nail trim. 

Call Us Today!

When you’re ready to get your furry friend some grooming, visit Heavenly Paws Grooming. We’ll treat both you and your animal with the utmost respect and perform excellent pet grooming services all at an affordable price. Call us today to make your appointment and ask about our rates!

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